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3NH iso test chart, colorimeter, spectrophotometer, gloss meter, and color light box

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10:1 contrast SFRplus Test Chart Chrome on Glass charts for measuring MTF,

    Buy cheap 10:1 contrast SFRplus Test Chart Chrome on Glass charts for measuring MTF, from wholesalers
    Buy cheap 10:1 contrast SFRplus Test Chart Chrome on Glass charts for measuring MTF, from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap 10:1 contrast SFRplus Test Chart Chrome on Glass charts for measuring MTF, from wholesalers

    10:1 contrast SFRplus Test Chart Chrome on Glass charts for measuring MTF,

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    10:1 contrast SFRplus Test Chart Chrome on Glass charts for measuring MTF,

    Chrome on Glass charts are uni­tone, have 10:1 contrast, and do not include a step­chart.

    This means that they do not support calculation of tonal response curves. These charts are mounted on a 2" x 2" (50.8mm x 50.8mm) substrate that is 0.059" (1.5mm) thick. The star pattern is strictly for use as a focusing aid, and is not intended as a testing feature (i.e., as a star chart).

    All Imatest charts can be customized to fit your testing needs. Please contact your reseller for details.

    Reflective Matte Color Spilled Coins Dead Leaves Test Chart for measuring texture sharpness


    The Color Imatest Spilled Coins chart (a variant of the Dead Leaves chart) for measuring texture sharpness has several advantages over older Dead Leaves charts. Key features:

    • The Scattered Coins pattern in the central region is almost perfectly scale-invariant (unlike conventional dead leaves charts), enhancing the accuracy and robustness of MTF measurements so they correlate well with other methods (such as the slanted-edge) for RAW images (which have no nonuniform or nonlinear processing).
    • Maximum contrast range is 3:1, as called for in the CPIQ Phase 3 draft Texture Blur Metric draft specification.
    • It is more uniform, i.e., is more shift-invariant than other Dead Leaves charts.
    • It contains slanted edges (2:1 and 4:1 contrast) for convenient comparisons with the dead leaves pattern.
    • The gray area to the left and right of the dead leaves pattern has the same mean density as the dead leaves pattern, allowing it to be used for effective noise PSD removal using the McElvain et. al. technique.
    • Registration marks and 16 grayscale patches are included. The linear levels used to create the grayscale patches are 0 through 255 in steps of 17 (same as the Siemens Star chart in the draft of the upcoming ISO 12233 standard).

    Spilled Coins chart sizesSpilled Coins regionPrinted regionMedia size total
    Large12" × 12"
    305 mm × 305 mm
    22.4" × 16.8"
    569 mm × 426 mm
    24" × 18"
    610 mm × 458 mm
    Medium8" × 8"
    203 mm × 203 mm
    14.93" × 11.2"
    379 mm × 284 mm
    16" × 12"
    458 mm × 305 mm
    Small6" × 6"
    152 mm × 152 mm
    11.2" × 8.4"
    284 mm × 213 mm
    12" × 10"
    305 mm × 254 mm
    X-Small (High Precision Transmissive)5.536" × 5.536"
    141 mm × 141 mm
    9.25" × 7.75"
    159 mm × 197 mm
    10" × 8"
    254 mm × 203 mm

    SFRreg test target test Charts for measuring MTF and lateral chromatic aberration

    SFRreg Charts:

    Required Description:

    The SFRreg test target consists of a slanted­edge quadrant pattern enclosed within a circle. It is used for measuring MTF and lateral chromatic aberration. A test image typically contains several targets that are automatically detected and analyzed by the SFRreg module.

    SFRreg targets can be placed at arbitrary positions and angles to accommodate a wide variety of test cases:

    ● Long distance tests where conventional charts would be impractically long

    ● Ultra­wide Field of View tests (>180) where a flat target cannot reach the outer field

    ● Autofocus tests where a single frame can contain several targets placed at different distances.d

    ITHDR36 High Dynamic Range Charts for measuring both camera and sensor Dynamic Range

    Required Description:

    The target is well suited for measuring both camera and sensor Dynamic
    Range, which are fundamentally different. Measure the dynamic range, tonal response and noise of HDR cameras with a single image instead of multiple, exposure bracketed images. The chart contains slanted edges for MTF measurements and gray background density to enable proper exposure with automatic exposure cameras. The HDR target has a density range exceeding 120 dB (optical density >6.0).
    Applicationcamera and sensor Dynamic

    3nh iso 12233 resolution test chart (0.5x,1x,2x,4x,8x)

    Resolution test chart is the standard proof which can provide aided testing for vertical resolution and horizontal resolution of actual shooting.
    Resolution test uses ISO 12233 resolution test chart and adopts unified shooting angle and environment.
    The calculation of resolution test uses HYRes software, and the calculation will be done in two parts: vertical resolution and horizontal resolution.
    Digital camera assessment is different from other products. It’s unlike laptop and DIY which have a lot of software to test objective data and everything can be seen from the data. However, assessing the quality of digital camera not only needs certain objective data, but also needs to combine actual operation and the shooting proofs. Therefore, our assessment is based on the principle of objective data and combined rational analysis from the experienced reviewers to obtain the most objective assessment results.
    ISO 12233 resolution test chart is in accordance with ISO 12233 standard “Photography- Electronic Photographic Image-Measurement”. In active area of 1x size, the error is only 0.1mm when measuring the height of 20cm. It has almost all the characteristics of most resolution charts.

    X-rite 24 Color Check Color Chart Color Rendition Chart of 24 squares of painted samples

    About Us:

    Shenzhen 3nh Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen TILO Technology Co., Ltd are from the same boss, we are in one office.
    We produced colorimeter, spectrophotometer, color light box and gloss meter, iso 12233 test charts.
    Our products are widely used are widely used in plastic, electronic, paint, ink, textile, garment, printing and dyeing, food, medical, cosmetic, optical image test industries and the field of scientific research, school and laboratory.

    ISO9001, CE, TUV, ROHS, FCC, SCM etc.


    Product classification Spectrophotometer/Colorimeter, Colorimeter Accessories, Digital Imaging Test Solution ,Resolution Test Chart, Gloss Meter, Color light box etc

    3nh Vision Focus on color, to become the industry leader in color management field. 3nh adheres to people-oriented, customer first, technological innovation, sustainable development business philosophy to meet customer demand continuously, to create value for customers and to achieve win-win situation and common development.

    Contact Detail:

    Add: Building 8, Nangang Second Industry Zone, Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.
    Tel: (86)-755-26508999 Ext:681
    Fax: (86)-755-26078633
    Mobile: (86)-13925280965
    Skype: melorae_3nh_
    Wechat: 13925280965
    Whatsapp: +86-13925280965
    Website: (EN), (CN)
    Quality 10:1 contrast SFRplus Test Chart Chrome on Glass charts for measuring MTF, for sale
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